This is History and his Story

I don’t know how Coup D’états work or what Paul Farmer involvement is this story of the removal Of Aristide, but both he and Robinson did a great job illustrating the story here on his book tittle “An unbroken Agony”

In this book Robinson Randall gives you a brief history about Haiti and continues to tell more about how Aristide was removed from power.
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Read the entire article, The Paul Farmer story

Happy Flag Day, Haiti.


If you let others do it for you, one day they will do it to you…

Just when you thought you knew everything about a country’s history and it’s culture, an email came around and BOOM!
I spent my whole life hearing that this black Saint’s name was Santa Barbra and she was from Africa she also known as the “Black Madona”, for the Voodoo practitioners,

until I stumbled upon this story on WordPress, about (The lost Polish heritage in Haiti). Man! was I wrong.
Do you want to know how she became the Haitian Voodoo Goddess Erzulie Dantor?

The warrior spirit, the protector of women and children, associated also with lesbians, homosexual men and abused women. Interestingly, like Matka Boska Częstochowska, Erzulie Dantor also has scars on the right-side of her face which she got from a fight with her sister “Erzukie Freda”, when she stole her husband from her. A rather different persona from Matka Boska Częstochowska.

Go read about it


Rene Guemps goes to work on An Uptown Dandy

A few weeks ago, I sat down for a hot shave from Freelance Barber/Groomer Rene Guemps in New York City. I usually shy away from hot shaves with a straight-edge razor because, when I’ve sat down for them in the past, my face usually ends up on fire for the next two days. My skin is pretty sensitive, but Rene recognized this right away and reduced the number of times he went over my skin with the razor. He also preceded the shave with the application of hot towels, which was exquisite and one of the more pleasant grooming experiences I’ve ever had.

For those who might be interested, Rene runs a great blog on all things grooming – from the history of the sideburn, to the best places to get a haircut in the US, to recommended hair and shaving products. You can access the blog here.

Many thanks for the amazing photographs by Stephen LaMarche of



Who is Freelance Barber/Groomer René “Reneofny” Guemps?

Who is Freelance Barber/Groomer René “Reneofny” Guemps?

René Guemps, a freelance Barber/Groomer with a professional license in the New York City area and experience in all phases of men’s hairstyles, is taking the next big step towards bringing a centuries old profession into the 21st Century..

René has worked at some of the most high-end barber shops/salons in New York City and is now offering his old-school skills (honed over 22 years as a barber/groomer) to clients in their own home (or anywhere else, for that matter) in exchange for the hottest currency on the market… Bitcoins. While he’ll still accept traditional payments as well, this innovative step clearly adds to what is already an impressive résumé .

His past clients include Top Hollywood Celebrities, music executives, Rappers, Professional Athletes, CEO of large Corporations, Surgeons/Physicians, and Models such as:
Tyson Beckford; Dwayne Johnson AKA (The Rock); Ed Burns; Oliver Plat; Willem Dafeau; Ben Vereen; Glynn Thurman; Nigel Barker; Tyler Florence; Andrew Birds; Tony Aiello; Andre Dashield; Andre Harrell; Pras; Seth Godin; Lenox Lewis. Just to name a few.

His work has also appeared in such publications as Raw WWE, Code, NV, ESPN, and Black Enterprise Magazine. In addition to his success he was the first prize winner of (The Aveda Style Award) 2004. In addition to that he has published 2 hair cutting posters titled: Nouveau Dimensions, and Hairoglyphx.

-For those who might be interested, Rene also runs a great blog on all things grooming – from the history of the sideburn, to the best places to get a haircut in the US, to recommended hair and shaving products. You can access the blog @
Feel free to visit his Youtube video at

He is available for Home/Hotel/Office visits, Photo/Video shoots, TV/Films, Commercial, Editorial, Runway, and Tours. He will travel anywhere his work takes him at anytime. If you require a Barber/Stylist to visit your establishment to service you, your guests, clients Etc.
You can contact René for more info @

Online reservation must be made within 24 hours in advance.
He accepts payment via Paypal or Bitcoin and his services are reasonably and competitively priced.
His fees are as followed:
$100 for a hair cut.
$75 if you schedule 2 or more clients at the same time and location and he does require a 25% deposit. The balance can paid in cash upon job completions.
THE DEPOSIT MUST BE PAID BEFORE CONFIRMATION. Which will be deposited to his Paypal or Bitcoin account.

You can send money to his PayPal account to
If you click on one of the buttons below, you will be taken to the secure PayPal Web or Bitcoin site. 
You don’t need to have a paypal account in order to make a payment.
If you encounter problems or if you have questions, you can contact René.

Pay by Paypal

25% deposit required
 1 person $25.00 USD 2 person $37.50 USD 

 Pay by Bitcoins:

Use the following address: 12haJ7CcWbsmQgGH7mycuwhkcp6db8XNPr
Or the QR-Code
 photo image-2.jpg

If you’re still curious about his past experience and qualifications, please feel free to visit his blog page, Here 

Thank you

I am not saying “I AM THE BEST!” But when you find better let me know…


‘Dirty Jobs’ to highlight Mobile barber, Mardi Gras krewe

(Mobile barber Johnny Sullivan cuts Todd Hammon’s hair on Jan. 6, 2011. Sullivan and his shop will be featured on an episode of the Discovery Channel program “Dirty Jobs” on Jan. 10. (Press-Register/Michael Dumas)

MOBILE, Alabama — A charismatic Mobile barber and one of the city’s secret Mardi Gras krewes will be featured on episodes of the Discovery Channel program “Dirty Jobs” over the next two weeks, starting at 8 p.m. Tuesday.

In June of last year, the show’s host, Mike Rowewas in Mobile filming a series of commercials for the job initiative Go Build Alabama, spotlighting the need for skilled tradesmen to replace an aging workforce in Alabama and beyond. And while Rowe was in town for that purpose, he and his “Dirty Jobs” crew went around the bay area filming spots to be featured on the show, which has filmed almost 300 episodes since its creation.
On Tuesday night’s episode, Rowe will be seen learning the barber trade from Johnny Sullivan, a 40-year veteran of the industry and proprietor of Johnny Sullivan Haircuts in the Yester Oaks Shopping Center in west Mobile. krewes will be featured on episodes of the Discovery Channel program “Dirty Jobs” over the next two weeks, starting at 8 p.m. Tuesday.

This article was written by All Alabama contributor, Michael Dumas.

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On the Jan. 17 episode, Rowe turns to Mobile’s ultimate recreation: Mardi Gras. In the episode, titled “Mardi Gras Bladder Banger,” Rowe is seen deep in the bowels of aKnights of Revelry float barn, filling up pig bladders to be used by the character “Folly” during that krewe’s Fat Tuesday parade. “Dirty Jobs” airs at 8 p.m. on Tuesdays. Previews of upcoming episodes can be here


10 American Barbershops You Have to Visit.

Traveling this summer? Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you can’t keep your fade tight. We found the most skilled barbers working in some of America’s biggest cities.
These spots span the gamut of prices, styles, and clientele.
In one of these shops you might bump into Drake, while Al Gore is known to frequent another. But wherever you end up, we can just about guarantee any of these shops will up your swag (and shag) for summertime.
This article was written by Complex Style contributor, Kevin Koenig Click here to see more

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How to Prepare For Your Kid’s First Haircut


When it comes time for your child’s first haircut, it is very normal for the parent to feel apprehensive, as well as the child. Some parents think that they can just breeze into the barber shop without any practice beforehand, however this is not the case. Your barber will do his best to keep your child calm and under control, however all kids respond differently to scissors and haircuts all together.
Before heading to the barber shop for the first haircut, it may help to follow these simple tips to make your kid’s haircut as smooth as possible.

Get your child prepared for process – Whether it be watching a video of a haircut or cutting a Barbie dolls’ hair, show your child how easy the haircutting process really is.
Find an unpopular time to go – Find a time of the day that will be the slowest for the barber salon. Sometimes the child only gets upset because of all the people around them. Ask the barber to show the child the supplies he will be using and walk him through the process. This could turn it into a fun experience rather than a dreaded one.

Make sure they nap and eat – Bringing your child into a barber shop hungry or tired is never a good idea. Bring a special friend – Allowing your child to pick a friend (real or fake) with them will help ease their fears. Don’t allow your child to bring more than one friend though because you don’t want to overwhelm them.

Contact me for your child’s first haircut, I will help your child feel as calm as possible and give a great first haircut. 

Protecting Your Skin from UV Rays 24/7

Part of being a well groomed man is taking care of your skin as well. One of the best ways to protect your skin is by investing in some UV protection for your face. If you think that you are out of harm’s way due to having a desk job, think again. As if it wasn’t bad enough to get hit by some serious rays at the beach, we now have to protect our skin against the energy efficient CFL bulbs that have recently been linked to skin cell damage. What does a guy have to do to protect his skin from the added dangers of office life? Well, an easy place to start is by protecting the skin on your face.

In order to protect your skin properly, it’s best to go through a few of your regular skin maintenance steps first. Start by taking care of your skin with your shaving routine. With the right routine, shaving can remove dead skin and keep your face clean. Make sure that you work a great pre shave into your daily skin care ritual.

Once you clear your skin with your pre and post shave , it’s time to prep your face for the day to come. All kidding aside, if you spend most of the day in the office, you can still benefit from using a face moisturizer with a little bit of SPF added to it. Craig the Barber from The Mens Room blog recommends Kiehl’s Facial Fuel SPF 15. As with most skin care products, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for a reasonable price. You can also find skin care products with SPF protection for men as well.
Every Man Jack is a brand that you can pick here, and they make a face lotion and a lip balm with SPF 15.

History of the Barbershop Quartet

(Photo courtesy of

Did you know that the barbershop quartet originated in an actual barber shop? The barbershop style of music is first associated with black southern quartets. Each barbershop actually had its own quartet. The first written use of the word barber shop, as in referring to the harmonizing, came about in 1910 along with the publication of the song “Play That Barbershop Chord”.

Barbershop harmony can trace its beginnings all the way back to the birth of traditional Western music. These chants were originally sung in unison, but over the years they slowly began adding harmony. There was no sheet music at this time, so the singers sung solely based on listening.

During this era, the local barber was more than just a hair dresser. Barber’s also pulled teeth, and performed minor surgeries. Barbershops slowly became a place for the town to gather and play instruments and sing while waiting for their turn.

At the turn of the century, amateur male singers would gather in quartets to perform at parties and picnics. Often time’s barbershop quartets would perform at Minstrel shows as a way to pass time, since no equipment was necessary.

In 1938 the Barbershop Harmony Society was formed for male singers. Today, the organization has over 30,000 members and can be enjoyed by many as a fun hobby.



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