Client Testimonials

Model’s hair cut and styled by Rene of NY

“Rene is excellent! He does a superb job on my hair every time, and he makes house calls! He is genuine and sociable – no attitude – very pleasant to speak with as well.” – Cliff A Wright

“In a time and place where mediocrity runs rampant, I am refreshed to find someone among us who truly takes pride in his craft. My experiences with Rene have been nothing but exceptional. Very rarely, if ever, are my expectations met, if not exceeded. Rene manages to deliver on both counts each and every time. Rene does more than cuts hair; he provides you with a style to compliment your image, and boost your self esteem.”  – Vittorio Peluso, Sommelier

“For Rene hair cutting is not a craft but art, which allows to reveal the best in his client personality. Therefore, being a perfectionist, Rene spends as much time and efforts as necessary to accomplish this goal. I also believe that Rene considers each hair cut as a learning class contributing to his growth as a Master.”    – Alex Barg, Business Analyst

“The way I look after one of Rene’s cuts speaks for his skills but more importantly Rene is the perfect solution for someone with a hectic schedule.  He is always consistent, on time and willing to accommodate you. My days of going into the shop and waiting are a thing of the past.” – Toure Folkes, Photographer

“I am the Director of Operations for a Marketing Communications firm and I work 60-70 hours per week.  With such a full schedule I rarely have time to make an appointment and travel to a barber shop.  Rene offers professional and courteous service, AND he comes to me!  I haven’t found an equal value anywhere else.”      – Alex Baum-Stein, Soho, New York

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  1. Richard Crawford

     /  December 28, 2011

    I’ve always asked Rene to cut my hair the way he thinks it should be cut. I then relax and my trust is always rewarded, and to top it off, the haircut looks good from day one, not a week later.


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