A History Lesson in Facial Hair [Infographic]

A History Lesson in Facial Hair [Infographic]

April 30, 2012 by Kevin
Many men have come across a pivotal question in their lifetime (most likely multiple times); to grow a beard, or to not grow a beard. Do you remember when the movie “300″ came out? It was as if every guy decided to grow out his beard and join a CrossFit gym. It turns out that historically, the beard was a mark of manliness, but is it still held high in today’s standards? Find out more with this great infographic from Online PhD in Facial Hair. Let me know whether you rock the beard or prefer staying clean shaven and why with by posting a comment on my blog! If you’re wondering about facial hair for your face, email me Here about suggesting which style would suit you best.

A PhD in Facial Hair

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