Pre and Post Shave Preparation

good clean shave
A great shave isn’t necessarily about the shave itself, but more in the shave prep. Shaving during a hot shower will give you a little extra lubrication. Use a high quality shave oil, such as Musgo Real Pre Shave Oil.
That drugstore shave gel you have been using since your teenage years isn’t helping much. Do yourself a favor and upgrade to the good stuff.
Remember, shaving isn’t a race, take the extra time to add water to your blade before each stroke. There is nothing manly about nicks on your face. Shaving with the grain will help on your first go around to trim down the hairs on your face.
Going against the grain when shaving will give you the closest shave possible; however those who experience razor burn problems should hold the razor handle at ninety degrees. Applying hot water to your face before shaving will help open up your pores and allow for a closer, less irritated shave.
Once you have completely finished shaving you will want to wash your face with cold water to calm the skin. Afterward, apply a non-greasy moisturizer to prevent razor burn. Traditional aftershaves often contain alcohol, so stick with something that soothes the skin.
Now that you have a perfectly nice shave, contact Rene to get your clean hair cut today.


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