How to Save Money on Shaving

How to Save Money on Shaving

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Gentlemen, you no longer need to be held down by the shackles of big brand shaving companies. For years, we have all been held captive by having to shell out our hard earned money to the major corporate shaving companies for our razors and replacement blades. Thanks to the internet, you can cut your shaving costs by nearly $100 annually by switching to a new brand; “Dollar Shave Club”.

Basically, the Dollar Shave Club is a monthly subscription for your blades. You can choose from a Dollar Shave Club, which will send you a metal razor handle, plus four four-blade cartridges for six bucks (there’s also the $1 razor option and a $9 six-blade model). The blade quality is similar to the major brands, without the endorsements from athletes to add to the cost. When you subscribe, you get your monthly amount of blades, and high quality handle.

If you are ambitious and want to shave for free for the rest of your life, all you have to do is recommend the monthly service to your friends. Save on your daily shaves and use the extra money to treat yourself to astraight razor shave from your barber.

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