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Is the Harry Josh Pro Dryer worth the $300 price tag?

(Photo courtesy of harryjosh.com)

Things you can buy with $300: 60 cronuts, 100 Starbucks chai lattes, or one Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000. That’s right– this pretty, petite hair dryer costs $300. But, due to its durability and longevity, it’s getting called the last hairdryer you’ll ever need!

Last week we brought you the sleek pair of Audeze LCD3 headphones that cost nearly $2,000 – clearly a luxury item for the audiophiles out there. And now we have another expensive device for serious hair enthusiasts.

Harry Josh is a stylist well loved by models, editors, and celebrities, and knows far more than a thing or two about hair. His client list includes Miranda Kerr, Amanda Seyfriend, and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. James typically goes through about a blow-dryer a month—or at least he used to, before he figured it was far more useful to invent his own. This mint-green gadget may be diminutive in size, but don’t be fooled. It was put through drop tests to ensure its durability, and can blast air at 80 mph while using 70% less energy than other hair dryers! Additionally, it claims to last for 2,000 hours (which is double the life of a normal hair dryer), and its ION technology reduces frizz and static.

Clearly there are benefits to this hair dryer that can justify the price tag. But oh, what a price tag! To save the day (and our wallets), hairenvy.com has the coveted hair dryer for $250 with free shipping. Not too shabby. Check out these rave reviews (with before and after photos) listed on hairenvy.com if you’re still not convinced that this is a great product.

Fans have already put in their two cents on Twitter, and clearly the dryer is a hit (even if its price is not)

This article was written by Fashionate contributor, Teresa Mathew.

I just happened to find it after a client asked me if I think he should invest in a hair dryer, so I figure before any man go drop $300 on a hair dryer, I think they should take a look at one of my absolute favorite that I.ve used on my clients for many years SOURCE:


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