The Rock in roll…

Following the SNL shoot
During the haircut at SNL, this photographer came in and ask me to pay him no mind as he snapped a few pictures of me while cutting The Rock’s Hairimage
After minute of posing left and right, back and forth for the photographer. He asked me to signed an agreement, shook everybody’s hands and walked out.
A few weeks later I stood at this barber shop where I was working at the time on West 47th Street.

This client walked in while reading a magazine, and asked me, just like this. “Yo! René do you know this guy?”
I was like, “Oh snap, I did this just a month ago.”
It was it, it was me cutting the Rock hair Picture in the WWE Raw Magazine (The Rock in Roll) 2001 edition. And this the cover.
You know you got your 15 minutes of fame when you walked inside the number 1 train and somebody yelled “Yo! That’s the guy, that’s The Rock’s barber” an another screamed “yeah, you are on page 38 of my WWE magazine.

And than people started coming to me because they saw or heard about me, I even saw client got up from their barbers chair just to come seat on my chair, I never really like that because first it always put me in a very awkward situation with their barbers, and I always treat people like that as Groupies, because all they want to come and talk to you about is that person. They’d came with questions such as how did you come up with those sideburns for him, did he like the cut, does he tip
You well, yo! Can you make my kidlook like the Rock? He is only 2 years old.
Yeah, bogus questions like those, which I never enjoyed answering

I figured it’s good to have role model and be a fan, but the worst thing you want to be is a male Groupie. No good.
But I gotta say though even though I have cut and styled many of other celebrity when I was cutting hair in Barbershops, I gotta say this Picture of the me and The Rock, has made my career, I don’t ever have to say anything to get a job, no demos no nothing, especially to Groupie barbershop owners, who get star struck every time they I’d bring a celebrity to their shops.

It’s always funny when I’d funny when I would meet other barbers who just thought I look more like a politician than a barber, all I have to do is pull out my phone and show them the picture, they would just shut up and zip it. Then ask me if I want to work where they work, or some come up with a million questions about how to become a celebrity barber.
So once again, thank you The Rock, Thank you Saturday Night live, thank thank you WWE Raw Magazine, thank you WWE, and thaaaaannnnnkkkk yoooouuu Technology

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