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HAIROGLYPHX… What’s in a name?

 photo image_13.jpg

HAIROGLYPHX is the word I used to describe creative carvings in a head of hair styled or felt. Below is a picture of Brad Pitt wearing one my creations
Felt hat design by Me. photo image_14.jpg


The word Hairoglyphic came from a price list we had while working at The Buzz photo imagejpg1-127.jpg Barbershop (West Village, NYC) back in 1992. It was the word we used in the shop to describe hair designs. But I changed that word to my own word by adding an X at the end back in 2004 when I produced my second barber chart, which had sold 3000 copies. photo imagejpg1-20.jpg

Today you might see a lot of barbershops and salons using the name as if it was their own, but one thing I can tell you, they all got it from me after the release of all those barber charts I sold around the U.S. So how about that for setting the trend?

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