Dominican Presidents of Haitian origin.

I am not the kind of person who’d take a story an redistribute it, but when I find some thing this good, I just do it.
So here goes:
“When the facts change, then my opinions will change.”

The antagonism which opposes the Dominican Republic to Haiti has never been able to break the bonds of ancestry who were enrolled in the annals of the history of these two peninsulas . They are initially underestimated by Dominican historians often take an oath of allegiance to the anti- Haitianism , an old separatist doctrine renewed and nourished by the vindictive government of Pedro Santana , Ulysses Heureaux , Raphael Trujillo, Joaquin Balaguer and even the polluted leftist Leonel Fernandez. These historians of the East rather want a name in the demonization of the Haitian presence in neighboring territory , describing the Haitian daily as subhuman . In this row of pens biased , we find the Frank Moya Pons, Roberto Cassa Bernardo Pichardo and Bernardo Vega , to name one iota.

In contrast, some Haitian historians , inflated egos and perhaps for reasons of size or ignorance , have avoided writing this beautiful piece of history. These Haitian writers recount only border skirmishes as Campaign Eastern heinous massacre of October 1937 and disputes over fences adjoining the two republics. Indeed , only the dark side of the history of the island is known. These are destructive ideals that survived the years. While nothing in the world can overcome this historical truth : four presidents are Dominicans of Haitian origin.

Pedro SantanaProfile pic

Born in Hinche, June 29, 1801 , a Haitian family of Spanish descent. The revolution of the Haitian Revolution of 1804 forced his parents into exile in the Dominican Republic and settled in the Cibao in 1805. There, they continue to engage in farming they were already in Haiti because they had lost several cattle herds during the revolutionary Pedro Santana never forget this loss and wanting revenge. His native language , Creole , he was placed in command of Battalion – South Dominican Army he joined immediately. Later became the first constitutional President of the new republic in 1844 , Santana led with an iron fist and fought all Haitian attempt to reoccupy the east of the island.

Ulysses HeureauxProfile pic

Born in Puerto Plata October 21, 1845 , a Haitian father , Dassas ” Desse ” Heureaux who had also fled
The Haitian revolution of 1804

Dassas was the son of a black slave and a white planter . Josefa Lebert , the mother of Ulysses Heureaux was the island of Saint Thomas. Heureaux goddess had not taken care of little Ulysse ( Lili ) . To this end, he had a miserable childhood and rural . In 1863, when anti -American Gregorio Luperon stormed the barracks to return to Puerto Plata Dominican sovereignty stride by Uncle Sam, he was a member enrollees street and took an active part . On 1 September 1882, he became president. Lili was a créolophone feigned . There was no translator when needed strategic military agreements signed with President Florvil Hyppolite in 1891.

Raphael Leonidas TrujilloProfile pic

Trujillo was the legitimate son of Jose Trujillo Valdez Dominican and Haitian Julia Molina Chevalier. He was born on October 24, 1891 in San Cristobal.

The Knights took exile in neighboring following the turbulence between the Liberals and National that rocked Haiti, after the assassination of President
Salnave Territory in 1869 . Moreover, the general Victorin Knight , an influential member of this family, was Minister of War and Navy Government Salnave of 6 September 1869 to 6 November 1869. Trujillo ‘s mother had explained the incidents that had known his ancestors in Haiti . In particular, the nationalization and redistribution of their ill-gotten assets deemed by the Government of Solomon Lysius in 1879 . What had caused some of the hatred of the dictator against the Haitians, especially blacks. Trujillo became president in 1930. He massacred more than 30,000 Haitians in October 1937.

Joaquin BalaguerProfile pic

Joaquin Balaguerwas born of a father Porto Rican Joaquin Balaguer Lespier and a Dominican mothers, Carmen Cecilia Ricardo , 1 September 1907, at Navarette , close to Santiago de los Caballeros. His maternal grandmother , Rosalia Heureaux was the daughter of President Ulysses Heureaux . Rosalia has lived much of his life out of sight, after the assassination of her father in 1899, in Moca . Joaquin Balaguer was president of the Dominican Republic from 1961 to 1996 under intermittent mandates. Graduate School of Policy Trujillo, he was best known before antihaitien Leonel Fernandez. He was also the advisor to the bloody massacre of 1937, as Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs .

In other verbs, Haiti despised tirelessly in Dominican territory , nevertheless held the genesis of the story of the Ibero- African nation through gonads ancestors. Even if only the bad reputation is concerned , the law prevails inbreeding . Binational archives well debased Santana Heureaux , Trujillo and Balaguer who preferred to pass only for Spanish descendants.

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