5 halloween parties in nyc… Choose wisely.

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Quiet Clubbing comes to Cantina! This spot comes fully equipped with an enclosed, heated rooftop. Not to mention that this place is absolutely beautiful. I mean come on, if you haven’t seen it, go ahead and do a google image search for, “Cantina Rooftop NYC,” so that you can completely agree that this pace is absolutely bangin! Fine and sophisticated, yet still ready for a funcyful (fun and fancy, amiright?) dance party!

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We have a special mobile party installment of our very own ghost tour. Get ready to spook your way through the city streets while you dance to the Tour Guides ghastly beats! We’re going to be bar hopping and riding the rails as a combination subway party. This early Halloween installment will be a blast, as your tour guide clues you into some spooky facts about the city, that you have probably never heard.
This is not just a party but a tour, as the same time the music is playing, you’ll learn interesting facts about the city.

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We’re holding it down with an early Halloween party on the 30th at Studio Square. Remember this is an indoor and outdoor venue, meaning regardless of the climate, this is gonna be happening in a major way!
Are costumes mandatory? NOPE
But you better bet they’re strongly suggested and a whole lot of fun!
We’re going to be dancing the night away all night, with 3 live DJ’s spinning their creeptastic Halloween tunes, directly through your headphones, allowing you the chance to hear the spookiest of jams, or the danciest of mashups, while having the ability to switch between channels to hear the music that you choose to, rather than having to wait for that darn DJ to finally get something right.
This is partying on YOUR terms!
Also to sweeten the deal, we’ll have prizes for the best, funniest, and scariest costumes, so bring your A Game.

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This is a MUST do! We will be dancing IN THE parade with our sponsor, Cannabis energy drinks.
They’ll have a parade truck on site and we’ll have 3 music stations bumping with the illest jams, so there’s no doubt that this will be a seriously wild and unique night!
Everyone will get headphones and dance behind it, flash mobbing the onlookers and TV reporters!

This means we are NOT squished in with hundreds of people, but have free range of the street to do what ever we want and we do some silly things!

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Shhhh, if you don’t keep quiet about this Quiet Clubbing party in NYC’s largest haunted house…we will make you! 😉

Quiet Events returns to Times Scare for a Halloween dance party in the heart of NYC, Times Square with hundreds of scary, freaky, and funny party-goers.

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We’re holding it down with a Caribbean party at our first event to grace the streets of Brooklyn, at the beautiful and spacious D’Savannah Bar & Lounge! This spot has a huge indoor area, that opens up to entry to a full bar location next door, and an outdoor area, allowing for us to have the full spectrum of party surrounding, as well as solid options, regardless of the weather.

There Will Be 3 Dj’s Spinning Live!

  • DJ Green: Top 40’s and crowd favorites
  • DJ Red: 80’s, 90’s and 2k throwbacks
  • DJ Blue: Hip Hop and EDM

What the night includes:
Quiet Events Headphones
Glow in the Dark Gear
3 Live DJs battling for your attention

Special Notes:
Tickets are limited, so act fast!
This party is going on rain or shine.
Age Restriction: 21+

***Bring a credit or debit card for the check-in process***
When you arrive you’ll receive a pair of special wireless headphones.
You can adjust the volume and choose between up to three DJ with a flip of a switch.
Each headset has a color LED that shows what you are listening to, so you can dance along with those listening to the same DJ as you.
It’s super social; just lower the volume or take the headphones off and talk to that girl or guy.
There’s no loud music that you have to talk over.
Plus, there’s no ringing in your ears when you leave.
At the end of the night, be sure to return your headphones as there will be a $100 charge to your credit or debit card if headphones don’t come back.

Never been to a Quiet Clubbing Event?


You must Purchase TICKETS Here and pick one event to attend.

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