HAIROGLYPHX… What’s in a name?

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HAIROGLYPHX is the word I used to describe creative carvings in a head of hair styled or felt. Below is a picture of Brad Pitt wearing one my creations
Felt hat design by Me. photo image_14.jpg


The word Hairoglyphic came from a price list we had while working at The Buzz photo imagejpg1-127.jpg Barbershop (West Village, NYC) back in 1992. It was the word we used in the shop to describe hair designs. But I changed that word to my own word by adding an X at the end back in 2004 when I produced my second barber chart, which had sold 3000 copies. photo imagejpg1-20.jpg

Today you might see a lot of barbershops and salons using the name as if it was their own, but one thing I can tell you, they all got it from me after the release of all those barber charts I sold around the U.S. So how about that for setting the trend?


The Rock in roll…

Following the SNL shoot
During the haircut at SNL, this photographer came in and ask me to pay him no mind as he snapped a few pictures of me while cutting The Rock’s Hairimage
After minute of posing left and right, back and forth for the photographer. He asked me to signed an agreement, shook everybody’s hands and walked out.
A few weeks later I stood at this barber shop where I was working at the time on West 47th Street.

This client walked in while reading a magazine, and asked me, just like this. “Yo! René do you know this guy?”
I was like, “Oh snap, I did this just a month ago.”
It was it, it was me cutting the Rock hair Picture in the WWE Raw Magazine (The Rock in Roll) 2001 edition. And this the cover.
You know you got your 15 minutes of fame when you walked inside the number 1 train and somebody yelled “Yo! That’s the guy, that’s The Rock’s barber” an another screamed “yeah, you are on page 38 of my WWE magazine.

And than people started coming to me because they saw or heard about me, I even saw client got up from their barbers chair just to come seat on my chair, I never really like that because first it always put me in a very awkward situation with their barbers, and I always treat people like that as Groupies, because all they want to come and talk to you about is that person. They’d came with questions such as how did you come up with those sideburns for him, did he like the cut, does he tip
You well, yo! Can you make my kidlook like the Rock? He is only 2 years old.
Yeah, bogus questions like those, which I never enjoyed answering

I figured it’s good to have role model and be a fan, but the worst thing you want to be is a male Groupie. No good.
But I gotta say though even though I have cut and styled many of other celebrity when I was cutting hair in Barbershops, I gotta say this Picture of the me and The Rock, has made my career, I don’t ever have to say anything to get a job, no demos no nothing, especially to Groupie barbershop owners, who get star struck every time they I’d bring a celebrity to their shops.

It’s always funny when I’d funny when I would meet other barbers who just thought I look more like a politician than a barber, all I have to do is pull out my phone and show them the picture, they would just shut up and zip it. Then ask me if I want to work where they work, or some come up with a million questions about how to become a celebrity barber.
So once again, thank you The Rock, Thank you Saturday Night live, thank thank you WWE Raw Magazine, thank you WWE, and thaaaaannnnnkkkk yoooouuu Technology

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Guess who is back?  If you smelllllllllll... It was so funny when I received a call on a Friday afternoon from the cool people at Saturday Night Live to go cut the Rock's hair during rehearsal, and now  it's 14 years later, he is going back to host the same show all over again. Happy 40th anniversary SNL. So make sure you all tune in to watch him this Saturday as he kick ass this Saturday on channel 4 on NBC. #SNL #DwayneJohnson #TBT #4xHost #SNL4x #SNL40 #NBC #Channel4 #March28th #ElectricityinTheAir #dwayne_johnson #therock #WeGonKnockitOut #The_Rock #SNL4xhost #Saturday_night_live #NBC #channel4 #NYC #newyork_city #TBT #Rockefeller_center

Guess who is back?
If you smelllllllllll…
It was so funny when I received a call on a Friday afternoon from the cool people at Saturday Night Live to go cut the Rock’s hair during rehearsal, and now it’s 14 years later, he is going back to host the same show all over again. Happy 40th anniversary SNL.
So make sure you all tune in to watch him this Saturday as he kick ass this Saturday on channel 4 on NBC.
#SNL #DwayneJohnson #TBT #4xHost #SNL4x #SNL40 #NBC #Channel4 #March28th #ElectricityinTheAir #dwayne_johnson #therock #WeGonKnockitOut #The_Rock #SNL4xhost #Saturday_night_live #NBC #channel4 #NYC #newyork_city #TBT #Rockefeller_center

If you smelllllll! What the Rock…

If you smelllllllllll? What Rock is Cooking. Finally the People's Champion is coming back this Saturday to Saturday Night Live again to host the 40th anniversary.  #NBC.#chanell4 #Rockefeller_Center #SNLStudios #SNL #DwayneJohnson #TBT #4xHost #SNL4x #SNL40 #NBC #Channel #March28th #ElectricityinTheAir #dwayne_johnson #therock #WeGonKnockitOut #The_Rock #SNL4xhost #Saturday_night_live #NBC #channel4 #NYC #newyork_city

If you smelllllllllll? What Rock is Cooking. Finally the People’s Champion is coming back this Saturday to Saturday Night Live again to host the 40th anniversary. #NBC.#chanell4 #Rockefeller_Center #SNLStudios
#SNL #DwayneJohnson #TBT #4xHost #SNL4x #SNL40 #NBC #Channel #March28th #ElectricityinTheAir #dwayne_johnson #therock #WeGonKnockitOut #The_Rock #SNL4xhost #Saturday_night_live #NBC #channel4 #NYC #newyork_city

An entrepreneur in Travel.

An entrepreneur in Travel, Real Estate, Print Production + Graphics, Personal Grooming, as well as the Nightlife industry since 1995, Rene Guemps has journeyed a successful personal quest in New York City over the past 20 years. René strategic business approach and decision making, attracting valuable partnerships and relationships in Real Estate with the likes of Josephina Martin, as well as the Travel Industry with the successful Erika Kasouto, has afforded him the invaluable knowledge required to connect with and succeed in serving the needs of his friends.
In 2015 René reconnection in the travel industry has given him the opportunity to provide much needed Travel services, particularly to the Haitian community, during a time when travel from New York to Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and the Caribbean, has significantly increased, particularly supporting tourism to Haiti once again after a long-haul rebuilding of the islands tourist industry.

With advancements in communication and real-time business transactions that include online Travel Planning, René brings you his latest travel industry endeavor, World Venture, where We don’t sell lotions and potions, but beaches and oceans.

For more information, please visit WWW.RGTRAVELNYC.DREAMTRIPS.COMand talk to René today about how to make a living…Living!!!!

One repays his teacher poorly, if he continues to be a pupil.

 photo imagejpg1-77.jpg

One repays his teacher poorly, if he continues to be a pupil.


My thanks goes out to all of you, who helped shape my career today.

After reading this book I finally realized how important it is to have people, teachers, mentors and role models to help shape our lives and everything else we do in life.

I saw an NYC Ad on the train once that says “We all remember our first grade teacher’s name, who is going to remember yours?”
Which just reminded me I would
love to take this time to thank my Haitian Bilingual teachers,
My elementary teachers Mr. Jean-Marie Roumer (RIP) I will never forget about you, Ms. Pierre-Saint; Mr. Bel’habre for making us realized how important it is to be able to speak a different language, especially Haitian Creole, which I never forget to speak, read or write.

My Junior High School teachers; Mr. H Lumbert Emammauel; Mr. Duval Joubert; Mr. Legrand Henri; Ms. Latigue Marie-Maude; Mrs. Dorian (RIP) for teaching me (creative writing and performing Arts)

I owe this certificate to this up and coming reality show idea to you guys.

I think that’s a show even Donald Trump will miss his own own show to watch, lol.

Psssst!!! Are you interested in a copy of the treatment, feel free to, Email me

She made my day, when she said this “If you had not already had the intelligence and perception to recognize beauty and refinement, my talking would have been lost on you. As Glenda the Good witch told Dorothy, you had the wisdom all along. 😊. Love you my dear one! Thank you, Miss DLF”

I can never forget my High school teachers: Mrs. Diana Friedline for teaching me advertising and Marketing early on, thank you for helping me see the world in a different way, thank you for taking the time with me, thank you for making me realized that talent is something you are born with, well you’ve helped me hone it.

I finally realized what you we’re saying, and Mr. Montanoro for teaching me printing, or last but not least Mr. Housefield for making me realized just because our soccer team was number two did not mean we were losers.

To see what I did with all of itClick here. I just figure I let you all know where I got it from, before you come questioning me about my background and qualifications,


Watch our commercials YouTube.
Click here

“Education is an investment into ourselves”

I would like to say Thanks to my Wilfred beauty academy of Hair and Beauty Culture School teacher (1992), how can I forget Mrs. Pegan, for teaching me how to become an expert hair designer, Mr. Seedney for teaching me how to mix and apply colors, Mrs. Valentine for helping me pass State board. I never forget that poster you have in the class that said “education was an investment into ourselves” I don’t ever regret coming to all your classes.

I want to thank my cosmetology school class mate Victor for teaching me how to do a scissor haircut in 20 minutes, the (20 minute haircut) he called it.

You have mastered life, once all the how-tos are irrelevant.

I want to thank Francisco Fernadez and Lisa Frias for hiring me at his Unisex Salon Hairmatic’s for 5 years (1993-1997), where I learned most of the advance skilled that I have today, thank you for putting with all my bullshits and issues.

I would be very ungrateful if I did not mention Richard “Richie” Louis over at Port-Au-Prince Unisex (114 St 8 ave, Harlem, NYC ) whom I’ve watch for months, I use to love how cool he was, and how he was able to have a conversation to anyone about what ever the subject was, his cool demeanor and professional personality makes him more than just a stylist, but also my mentor.

We also went to the same Cosmetology school Wilfred Beauty Academy 02/1992—08/1992 by the way, just at a different time. I am YOU today Richy, your legacy still lives in me until today Bro.
 photo imagejpg1-122.jpg 

“If you say you’re going to do something and you start to do it, and people enjoy it or respect it or are entertained by it, people will step up and help you.”

 photo imagejpg1-82.jpg

I want to thank my greatest hair mentor of all time Peter Amaro Whom I worked with at Haimatic’s with for 5 years back in the 1990’s, for teaching me how to do a perfect fade and a perfect flat top using the

Flat-Top Comb, whom I think of every time I use the comb.

For those who might be interested in going to see Peter for one of his signature fades or flat tops, he works at Groom Team, oh wait, I think they call it Head Quarter Salon now, Go figure.


Yes, it does take more than 10,000 hours to master anything, but if you have great mentors, you can cut that down to 5,000 hours

I would feel so ungrateful if I did not mention Maria from the
Groom Team on 181 st and HectorBodre at Bodre Cut an Color Room 2003—2005 for teaching me how to do a razor haircut, using only a feathering blade.

I think of both of you everytime I do a razor cut and apply products which we always have to concoct ourselves. I love your
Osmo Essence Clay & a Wax concoctions Bro. Because of those mixtures I was able to come with a great Hair Cocktail myself called the Moon Mud.


For those who might be interested in going to see Hector for one of his futuristic hairstyles, he is the the proud owner of at Bodre Cut.


Behind every good man, there is a good woman, this time it was my sister

I always wonder where my life would been like today, if I’ve never worked with my sister over at Bodre’s back in 2003?
We’ll today I like to say thank you to Daniella AKA Marie Dee Hairstylist, for putting sense into me when I wanted to get out of the hair business, by introducing me to a few good empowering books such as “What do you think“, “Broken wings.” God knows I was a hot messed, I never forget about one of the greatest books she gave me called “Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue, Book 1“, by Neale Donald Walsh.

How the hell did she know that book would saved my life one day? But then again as Neale would say, “

It’s not to whom does God talks, but who listens

.” the message is always around you, sometimes it’s in a song; a commercial, a movie; something you read in a magazine, even a smell, this time it was from my sister, she was the messenger.

There is a movie base on the books available on Amazon Prime, right now, maybe those writings or his messages will change your life too. You never know.

Interested in Getting Your hair Cut and Style by Marie Dee up in Washington Heights
Click Here for one of her modern and Contemporary hairstyles, she still works at Bodre Cut


He’d say “Buy land, they are not making it any more…”

 photo imagejpg1-82.jpg

How can I forget my Real estate Instructor Mr. David Kennedy over at Express Real Estate School l (2006), for teaching the class by real case scenarios, not by what we only we need to learned in the book to pass the state test,
Oh I aso found out he also worked at Weichert a few years before I started working there -Talk about going to back the future, by the time I got there, I felt like I already knew every Agent that he be talked about, but not until I got to know every agent a little bit better thank I realized, oh you are that person, you are that agent.
I did not go to work there because of him though, I was just looking for good firms to associate with, and Weichert had the best ad in the Real Deal For Realtors News paper, little did I know that it was located right around the corner from where I lived in Washington Heights at the time

Mr. Kennedy teach at the New York Real Estate Institute now.
He has a JD Law degree, and director of the Center for Crime Prevention and Control at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, and he is also the Author of many books about Inner City Crimes such as (Don’t Shoot: One Man, A Street Fellowship, and the End of Violence in Inner-City America)Freedom from Fear: The American People in Depression and War, 1929-1945)

Here is the link to two of his books so far (Don’t Shoot.Amazon)
(Freedom from Fear.Amazon)
For those of you Sales Agents who do have to take C.E classes every 2 years in order to renew your R.E licenses, make sure some of those those classes are with him, here is their C.E schedule
I guarantee you wont regret it.


He said “If you let a dreamer dream on your times, they will also dream your dimes.”

Last but not least, I can never forget my firsts real estate broker at Weichert Realtors, Realty Masters (2006 Washington Heights)

Mr. Edward Espinal,

for all the things he thought me about Real Estate, from Condo/Co-op Sales, to Rental, to Retail, to Government program.
So for those of you who are on Section 8 or whatever the program you are receiving, I can help with your housing issues. All you have to do is ASK.

There is not one time that I close a deal that I don’t mention or thought of him, with out you today my license would of been a big waste of of a piece of paper, thank you for seeing myself in you, I am you today, because of all the things you said during my training, and private agent to broker sessions at Weichert Realtors,

Realty Masters.

Now I can say because of you, I am still able to call myself Weichert, And I am ready to become the next Phillip A. Payton of our time.

For those who might be interested in joining a real good, Firm,

Go to Mr. Espinal, he will take your hand and teach you every thing you need to know about the Real Estate Industry, and he doesn’t call his firm New York Realty Masters For nothing… Trust me.

You just might have to trek up to The Bronxbecause last time I checked the he had moved his office Boston Road to be exact.

There is nothing like getting a haircut at home.

 Personal Barber. Groomer available for Homes, Hotels & Office
Who is Freelance Barber/Groomer Rene, Guemps?

  • René Guemps, a freelance Barber/Groomer with a professional license in the New York City area and experience in all phases of men’s hairstyles, is taking the next big step towards bringing a centuries old profession into the 21st Century…

  • Rene has worked at some the most high end Barber/Salons in New York City. And is now offering his old-school skills (honed over 22 years as a barber/groomer) to clients in their own home (or anywhere else, for that matter) in exchange for the hottest currency on the market… Bitcoins. While he’ll still accept traditional payments as well, this innovative step clearly adds to what is already an impressive résumé.

  • His past clients include Top Hollywood Celebrities, music executives, Rappers, Professional Athletes, CEO of large Corporations, Surgeons/Physicians, and Models such as:
    Tyson Beckford; Dwayne Johnson AKA (The Rock); Ed Burns; Oliver Plat; Willem Dafeau; Ben Vereen; Glynn Thurman; Nigel Barker; Tyler Florence; Andrew Birds; Tony Aiello; Andre Dashield; Andre Harrell; Pras; Seth Godin; Lenox Lewis. Just to name a few.


    Youtube video



  • He accepts payment via Paypal or Bitcoinand his services are reasonably and competitively priced.

  • THE DEPOSIT MUST BE PAID BEFORE CONFIRMATION. Which will be deposited to his Paypal or Bitcoin account.

  • His fees are as followed:
    $75 for a hair cut.
    $65 if you schedule 2 or more clients at the same time and location and he does require a 25% deposit.
    The balance can paid in cash upon job completions.



His work has also appeared in such publications asRaw WWE, Code, NV, ESPN, and Black Enterprise Magazine. In addition to his success he was the first prize winner of (The Aveda Style Award) 2004.In addition to that he has published 2 hair cutting posters titled: Nouveau Dimensions, and Hairoglyphx.


He is available for Home/Hotel/Office visits, Photo/Video shoots, TV/Films, Commercial, Editorial, Runway, and Tours. He will travel anywhere his work takes him at anytime in the NYC area with prices starting at $50 for travel expenses outside of the Manhattan area.
Please contact him for a quote for your location…

If you require a Barber/Stylist to visit your establishment to service you, your guests, clients Etc. You can contact René by email

To view his blog visit

If you’re still curious about his past experience and qualifications, please feel free to visit his testimonial page here



 photo imagejpg1-77.jpg

Here are my notes on 6 trimmers that I think every man should have in their medicine cabinets.

 photo imagejpg1-79.jpg


Wahl Lithium Ion Groomer, $34.97

  • Pros: remarkable battery performance; powerful motor; lightweight; smallest wall charger;
    for shaving and nose-trimming obviated need for other tools.
  • Cons: chrome trim with matte black grip ribs were aesthetically uninspired.
  • Charge time: 1 hour
  • Run time: 120+ minutes
  • Charge time: 1 hour
  • Length settngs: seven positions (0.08″ to 0.47″)

Buy it at Wahl.Amazon

 photo imagejpg1-80.jpg 

Conair Chopper Facial Trimmer, $21.95

  • Pros:micro-adjustment switch allowed for three close-trim lengths.
  • Cons: looked like a DeWalt power tool; required 16 hours for a full charge.
  • Charge time: 16 hours.
  • Run time: 40 to 45 minutes.
  • Length settngs: eight settings (0.09″ to 0.38″)

Buy it at Connair.Amazon

 photo imagejpg1-81.jpg 

Forfex Professional Cord/Cordless Trimmer, $98.99

  • Pros: compact design; rubberized grip had a nice feel; crest detail on the trimmer head
    (“Forfex/Germany/1872″) conveye Euro luxury.
  • Cons: the silver-painted plastic felt cheap; long charge time; expensive.
  • Charge time: 16 hours.
  • Run time: 60 minutes.
  • Length settngs: five (0.02″ to 0.5″)

Buy it at Forfex.Amazon

 photo imagejpg1-82.jpg 

Phillips Norelco Stubble Trimmer $99.99

  • Pros: simple matte gray, red and silver color scheme.
  • Cons: built-in attachment hinders control; large; on-off switch awkward for right-handed users.
  • Charge time: 10 hours
  • Run time: 35 minutes
  • Length settngs: nine positions (0.04″ to 0.72″)

Buy it at Philips.Norelco.Amazon

 photo imagejpg1-83.jpg 

Phillips Norelco Turbo Vacume Beard Trimmer, $39.95

  • Pros: vacuum function worked well; glossy black finish; gadgety.
  • Cons: doesn’t trim close enough for 5 o’clock shadow; large; phallic shape; corny “turbo” button; annoying sound; this dorky video on
  • Charge time: 10 hours.
  • Run time:50 minutes.
  • Length settngs:nine (0.04″ to 0.71″)

Buy it at NorelcoQT.Amazon

 photo imagejpg1-84.jpg 

Remington Beard T-Styler (MB-900), $44.99

  • Pros: solid construction; simple mirrored finish; cool gold detailing on lower blade teeth; charging stand.
  • Cons: interchangeable trimmer blades are bulky; heavy; short 40-minute run time.
  • Charge time: 14 to 16 hours.
  • Run time:40 minutes.
  • Length settngs: seven settings (0.18″ to 0.5″)

Buy it at Remington Products

A man should never look like he needs to go to the barber, or just walked out of a barber’s chair

A man should never look like he needs to go onto the barber, or just walked out of a barber’s chair.

Profile pic

René “Reneofny” Guemps,

Freelance Barber/Groomer

New York City base Barber/Groomer, René has been freelancing for over a decade, and without representation a good part of that time. His résumé includes two Hairstyling barber charts titled “HAIROGLYPHXand “NOUVEAU DIMENSION“, as well as a host of magazines that include WWE Raw, NV, Vibe, and Salon Magazine.

Trick of the trade

Andis fade master w Russel E His favorite tool is a well-equipped kit that include everything from

Andis Fade Master,

Andis Master Hair Clipper,

Andis T-Outliner Trimmer with T-Blade,

Andis Professional Styliner II Personal Trimmer,

Oster Professional Turbo 111 Hair Clipper,

Wahl 7367-200 Custom Shaver

Cool Care Plus, lubricant/disinfectant, by Andis,

FEATHER Styling Razor,

Sage Styling Cream, by Malin + Goetz

Daily Protein Shampoo, by Baxter,

Daily Moisturizing Conditioner, by Baxter of California.

Clay Pomade, by Baxter Soft Water Pomade, by Baxter

Hair Pomade, by Malin + Goetz to

B&C Skin Tight Product, for Razor Bumps and ingrowns,

Tend Skin, , The Skin Care Solution For Unsightly Razor Burns, Ingrown Hair And Razor Burns,

Bump Patrol, Original Formula After Shave Intensive Treatment,

XFusion, Keratin Hair Fibers For Thinning Hair. I use this product to help minimize thinning hair.

A can Red Bull Energy Drink,, and a couple of PowerBars

Here are some of his secrets:

Baxter shampoo Bob CWhat Shampoo and conditioner do you use on your male clients?For Shampoo, I like the Daily Protein Shampoo, by Baxter, and for conditioner I use the

Daily Moisturizing Conditioner, by Baxter of California. Or sometimes I just use

Peppermint Shampoo, and

Cilantro Conditioner, by Malin and Goetz.

During the summer time, I also love using Tea Tree Special Shampoo & Special Conditioner, by Paul Mitchell for heavy dandruffs.

Baxter clay pomade w CalebWhat is so good about those products you just mentioned, and how do you use them?

I love the

Clay Pomade, by Baxter of California and

Hair Pomade,

by Malin+Goetz for the hold and effect it lives on the hair and it’s not shiny, perfect for bed hair, but if you want to add a little shine, but non greasy, I use the
Soft Water Pomade, by Baxter of California. And for guys who don’t want to look like they have anything on their hair at all, I use

Sage styling cream, by Malin & Goetz. It works just like leaving conditioner or better.

None of these products are sticky or greasy, plus you can mix this Sage Styling Cream, with any of these other pomades, and they all wash off easily.
You can see how I mix and use all these products on my blog at

Sage styling cream with GrantWhat do you find that your male clients run out the most ?

I would have to say, Sage styling cream, by Malin & Goetz, it seems like a lot of guys just can’t live with out. They also love the way the Clay Pomade, blends in really well with it.

Turbo 111 pic MckenzieWhat are some of your favorites tools and who makes them?

Andis Fade Master,

Andis Master Hair Clipper,

Professional Super Taper II Hair Clipper,.by Wahl, for Crew cuts, Afro, Etc.
Wahl 5-star Senior Clipper is the perfect machine to trim the back/sides, even your beard and mustache, and it comes with 8 different settings, from a #1 to #8 (10 pieces) total
, and if you want to go even lower, such as a Triple 000

. Wahl Super Taper
“> hair Clipper does that too.

Andis T-Outliner Trimmer with T-Blade, by Andis, Professional Outliner II Personal Trimmer, By Andis,

a Professional Turbo 111 Hair Clipper by Oster.

I have been using a fade master and

a T-Outliner Trimmer, by Andis for the past 22 years, with the

T-Outliner, trimmers, they are perfect for clean ups and line, an the corners are perfect to trimming nose and ears airs. I also use a

Turbo 111 by Oster for the heavy duty jobs and a

Custom Shave Shaver,
by Wahl, that’s the closest you’ll ever get to a Mack 3 And Shick Hydro 5 or Gillette Fusion, Proglide Men’s Power Razor.

Diptic w pic-YouTube vidWOW! Why so many machines?Just like any good mechanics, the first thing you learn in Beauty school is (Invest in your tools) because you never know what you gonna need, each hair style and face are unique, you don’t want somebody to walk in asking for a certain look which can only be obtained by someone else’s machine, plus each machine are adjusted differently for different things, but ONLY good barbers know that. You have to be ready for whatever that look look or style is, the last thing you want to to do is borrowing anything from anybody. It’s the worst, especially when you want to use it and they want to use it.

Let me put it to you this way, all looks are not created equal, and one size does not fit all, NOT to me, I also don’t respect any barber who only have two machines. not only that, you get laughed at in some neighborhoods.

Reneofny LogoWhere can people buy all these tools and cool products?That’s why I created the blog, but for a quick short cut they can also go to my store on

Just remember whenever you purchase anything or services linked to my A-store, you help benefit my efforts and intentions.
Check out for a full selection of All these grooming and shaving products. All these products I mentioned on here will be available for purchase which will go live online (SOON) or my Blog,

Aveda award/logoWhat is your blog about?It’s a great blog on all things grooming – from the history of the sideburn, to the best places to get a haircut in the US, to recommended hair and shaving products. You can access the blog by visiting, I guaranty you gonna love it.

Cool care plus/ w Andis ClipperMy machines get stuck a lot, what you use to lubricate and disinfect your clippers?

They are many good sprays out there that you can use, but none of them come close to my favorite

(Andis Cool Care Plus).

It’s a 5 in 1 Spray, it’s a coolant; lubricant; disinfectant; cleaner; and prevent Rusting, and it smells good, and while you at it get yourself a small bottle of Clipper Oil, by Andis. It helps keep the machine lubricated longer, all you have to do is drop 2 small drips on each corner of the blades and put it away, not in open hair, because the moisture in the air will make the blade rust quicker

Moisturizer with RyanWhat Moisturizer, Toner, and facewash or cleanser do you use on your male clients?

for cleanser I use Baxter of California Vitamin E-D-A , Cleansing Bars, Italian Lime and Pomegranate, and sometimes

Malin + Goetz Grapefruit Face Cleanser. and to help tone the skin I also Baxter of California Daily Face Wash,

for the moisturizer I use Baxter of California Oil Free Moisturizer, And they help hydrating your skin on a daily basis while minimizing dryness which cause the skin to flake.
They get the job all the time.

Luxor w DomingoWhat type of Straight razor do you use?I found one that I really fell in love with called “Luxor Pro Master Razor“. To me me it’s the best one ever, it’s crafted from surgical stainless Steel, design for precision cutting and detailing, plus the safety notch blade prevent you from cutting and nicking yourself. They said it’s designed for the master barber, but I think every man should own one.

By the way the Blue Steel “Not a replica straight Razor” is a good one too, but I must tell you, if you can’t do a good job using it, be careful, I am just saying

Beard/Wax picWhat beard oil and wax do you use on men with with a beard or handle bar mustaches?for beard oil I use “Mr. Natty Natty’s Frank’s Beard Oil Elixir, and for mustache wax, I use Mr. Natty Natty’s Moustache Twizzle Wax, oh I also think if you have a beard you should carry a beard brush Or a comb too, justify a small one

The shave with Ed burns 1What do you do to prep for the shave?For the first shave, (Going with the grain). Perfect way for guys with sensitive skin.

1) First I apply Rose Water Facial Toner, by Poppy Austin,

to help lift all the hairs, then I proceed by applying a pre shave oil by Musgo Real, followed by

Shaving cream, a real good one is The Super Close Shave Formula made by. Baxter of California. Then I add

shaving foam or hot latter

shaving foam or hot latter, by Proraso, then I continue by placing a hot towel well scented with

Clubman Osage Rub , Invigorating Splash for Head and Face Facial Astringents.
( that stuff smells so good, you can even but it in your bath water), then let it stay there for one minute in order to warm up the facial hairs, then I grab my

Luxor Pro Master Razor and Derby Professional Single edge, and I live using Astra Superior Double Edge Safety Razor Blades the only thing with the

Astra Razor Blades is that, you will have to break it in half yourself. So be careful. Lol

The shave with Ed Burns 2What’s a double shave?

Ah, that’s where I go for the second shave, (I a talking about going against the grain now) (like laundry wash, rinse, and repeat. Assuming your skin can take it. If you have sensitive skin don’t do it.

2) Now I re-apply the Musgo Real, Pre Shave Oil
Then I proceed by Baxter of California Super Close Shave Cream over it, followed by

shaving foam or Hot lather, Proraso, then I continue by placing a hot towel with

100% Pure essential and let it stay thre for 1 minute in order to warm up the facial hairs again, then I grab my

Luxor Pro Master Razor and re-add a put a brand new blade by

a blade by Derby one thing with the Derby You have to to re-place it for the second shaves,?
because the first shave always dulls the blade, depends on how thick the beard is, but if you think you gonna have to replace it just use the Astra, it’s much sharper. OK, now I go against the grain for maximum closeness.

After that, I take the recent towel and remove any residue left on the face, once that’s done, I get a real cold towel with the

Eucalyptus ,100% Pure essential Oil -30m and let it stay on the client face for another minute, then once remove, I apply my

After Shave Balm, by Musgo Real, than I add a little

talcking powder

Baxter skin 123 picWhat after shave or face balm do you use after a shave?Here is a good travel kit all men should have in their medicine cabinets Baxter of California Skin 1.2.3 Kit

After every shave I rub a little bit of Baxter of California After Shave Balm, in my hand and massage it all over the client’s face,

to prevent any burns and ingrowns I use Tend Skin , the Skin Care Solution For Unsightly Razor Burns, Ingrown Hair And Razor Bumps

Or sometimes I like using Bump Patrol , the o riginal Formula After Shave, that’s if you have any ingrown hairs or just to prevent that from happening.

Razor Bump Relief w FernandoWhat do you do to combat razor burns or ingrown hairs?

For razor burn, I like using a very cold towel saturated with Eucalyptus Essential Oil it

after the shave then I rub a little bit of Baxter of California After Shave Balm,

in my hand and massage the face, or sometimes I just use Bump Patrol. or
Barc Bump Down –The travel size is a really good one for all skin types.

Nick relief w ReggieWhat do you do for nicks and cut?

that rarely happen, but if that does happen, my best must have products are:

Clubman Dab On Nick Relief,
Infalab Nick Relief , powder, put just a small amount on your finger and dab it on the cut, or you can just use the Clubman, styptic pencil, all you gotta do is roll it on the cut and Voilà, it clots the bleeding.

Bigen w Chris SDo you have a method to make thin hair appear fuller and thicker?

At photo shoot I always carry a can of

X-Fusion, Keratin Hair Fibers For Thinning Hair, to help minimize thinning hair with me,
it’s always a good idea to spray a little on the area that needs it the most, it makes the hair look natural and thicker. Plus it’s a good way to trick the the eye into thinking all the hair is there. They also have different color for all hair types, from dark brown to light brown and so on, oh by the way they also have a pump that you can use, for those of you who don’t like to sprays

Bigen w Chris SHow about grey hair, what’s your secret?I came across this color company name Bigen Powder Hair Color #58 Black, in 1999, and been using it on client ever since, it’s like a henna Bigen Powder, Hair Color #58, Oriental Black #59, it’s the perfect semi-permanent colors, it doesn’t have a strong smell to it easy to mix and it doesn’t require a lot of work, , and it won’t stain your shirt if you get cut in the rain or won’t come down your forehead if you are sweating, plus it doesn’t make you look like you are are wearing a helmet like the other coloring companies. All it takes 1/2 a bottle and it takes 15 minutes and you are done.

For black hair I recommend the black brown #58, you can get a box at my A-store on Amazon for

Color remover w Chris SHow do you remove the color stain left on the skin?That’s the questions a lot of my clients who considering getting color asked me all the time. I found this back in 1999 Roux Clean Touch Haircolor Stain Remover and it works and if you are a smoker, cigaret ash works too, I learned that when I went to Mexico, 11 years ago. That’s the beauty of dealing with people from different cultures, LOL.

MckenzieHow do you deal with dry scalp and dandruffs?
Always change your every 3 months, this season, I am only going to use a Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo & Special Conditioner Duo, by paul Mitchell on all my male clients, in the fall I will be using a
Peppermint Shampoo, and Cilantro Hair Conditioner, by Malin+Goetz.

Go Here To find out how you can control your dandruffs.

Wahl charger with James WWhat about shaving for people with sensitive skin?

I always try to educate my clients about the way they shave, because a lot of them don’t really know how to it and how to use the razors, for the super sensitive skin, it’s always a good idea to shave with the grain a good single or 2 blade razor is always a good start, but if your face can’t take the razor, use my favorite, my portable Wahl Professional Rechargeable Shaver Shaper, it also come equip with a shaper in the back of it, that’s perfect for shaping the beard and the sideburns, and you can cut any the hair down with it before you shave.
Another one I use specially for me is a Braun Series 7- 790cc, Pulsonic Shaver System, Silver, it’s so good it even cleans itself of after you are done. Don’t go for any rotary shavers those will pinch your face a lot.

By the way it’s always a good idea to have a pair of Andis Professional Outliner II Personal Trimmer at home, if you are the type of guys who only shave every 3 or more days, you will be needing that first to cut the long hairs then you use the shave, but if you shave every day, you won’t need to use the outliner.

Wahl senior with Cliff WWhat do you do to trim the beard or sides burns?I use a Wahl Professional Senior Clipper that’s my favorite or Wahl Professional Super Taper II Clipper. They come with different settings from number #1 to #8. I hope your beard is never long enough for you to go to the last clip, but if you must, get yourself one of those two, you will not regret it

Feathering kit Brian HHow about weekly clean up?

If you have the time to go to the barber, it’s all good to do it every two week, but if you don’t, get yourself a

FEATHER Styling Razor Kit

you can reuse it over and over until it gets dull, it’s the best, the blade is protected so there won’t be any nicks and cuts, but always remember if you have any mold or birth mark, find a way to go around that area.

Picture: Courtesy of Brian Hutchison
Read more About how to tell your barber how to cut your hair.

An uptown DandyWhat advise do you give a man before the “BIG DAY”?Always, always get your hair cut a week in advance before “D day”.

You want to make sure that your hair is behaving like its suppose to. You’ll be stressed enough, and you don’t want your hair to stress you out any more than you already are, give it enough time to relax and settled.

BarberCertificateHow often should a guy get his haircut?I say every 3 to 4 weeks, 6 weeks the most! after that, I don’t know.
You can always get a clean up in between haircuts cuts. (I.e If you get a haircut 4 weeks, you get a clean up every 2 weeks, if you get a haircut every 6 weeks, you get a clean up every 3 weeks).

Paid pic getting a haircutHow about kid’s haircut, when is the best time?It’s so funny that you’ve asked me that, I’ve work at a barbershop 13 years ago, when the owner of the shop every time a parent would bring in a kid around time which he deem was “inappropriate”. And those time were early morning, lunchtime and rush hour, because to him those times were reserved for real clients, he said, but not to me. Kids are people too, and if their parents are paying for them to get a haircut, they should be able or allowed to get their hair cuts when ever they want and from who they’re please.
But if you want to know more about when to take you kids to a barbershop, you can read more about
that here On my blog

On the set with the Rock What form of payments do you accept?

I still accept traditional payments, but if it’s somebody I don’t know, I accept most major credit cards, PayPal, and the hottest and newest currency in the market…

What’s that?Bitcoins!

Redbulls picWhat keeps you going through the day?

I can’t believe I am saying this, but I drinks at least 5 medium size can of Red Bulls, Energy Drink, a day, and in in between clients I eat a lot of PowerBar, Granola, Natural Valley, Balance, I eat all flavors, I have no prejudice against sweet stuffs.

Rogaine pic

What advise do you have for men who use Rogaine, Propecia,
Plugs or hair transplant, I heard that Bosley, and Rogaine for Men, I heard they are doing wonders out there?

Use it at your own risk, your own discretion…
All I can say is that if you gonna use any of those products, I suggest using them wisely and knowing when to stop, because I have seen cases, we’re client grow hairs in 3 to 6 months, and I also seen cases where I’d go see a client, the first thing they would ask while I am putting the cape on is “do you see any differences, do you see any new growth” where I have to be like , “it’s been 9 months now, I did not see any thing then, and I don’t see anything now”. But then again sometimes it’s all in your head, if you think hair is growing, then it’s growing, if you think it’s not, then it’s not. That when you just say fuck it, I don’t need hair. Lol

The way I see it is like this: You are a man, it’s hair or no hair, born without it, die without it. And beside when was the last time your hair got you anything any way?
A girl maybe, but how about your job or that promotion, unless you are a hair model.
Oh wait! Are any of those companies hiring Bald models now?

You don’t have to take my word for it.
Read more: here
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This is History and his Story

I don’t know how Coup D’états work or what Paul Farmer involvement is this story of the removal Of Aristide, but both he and Robinson did a great job illustrating the story here on his book tittle “An unbroken Agony”

In this book Robinson Randall gives you a brief history about Haiti and continues to tell more about how Aristide was removed from power.
Get your own copy

Read the entire article, The Paul Farmer story

Happy Flag Day, Haiti.